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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Feathers Bilingual Academy only for Spanish speaking families?

NO! Our center is tailored for all families. We welcome every student and our goal is to provide children with the opportunity to acquire a second language.

Do you take the children outside?

Yes! Children go outside on a daily basis, weather permitting. We have a brand new playground in the front of our building. 

What does a typical day look like?

This a sample of our daily routine schedule:

8:00—9:30 – Children arrive/Breakfast/Floor time

9:30—11:00 – Diapering/Songs/ Stories/Activities related to our Curriculum

11:00—12:00– Outside time (weather permitting)

12:00—1:00 – Lunch/Diapering

1:00—3:00 – Nap time/ Quiet time

3:00—3:30 – Afternoon snack/Diapering

3:30—4:00 – Fine and Gross Motor activities

4:00—5:00 – Outside time (weather permitting)

5:00—6:00 – free play/ Pick-Up

Do you provide meals?

In settings where the meals are offered to all the children, some parents can find that their child is refusing to eat the meal completely. This is not only stressful for the parents but the child care staff as well. This is why we find that the best option is for parents to provide a healthy nutritious lunch for their child. In Addition, a morning and afternoon snack should be provided.

What meals should we bring?

Morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack:

  • Morning Snack: should include portions of fluid milk, grains, and fruits or vegetables.
  • Lunch: should include portions of fluid milk, meat or meat alternatives, grains, fruits and vegetables. 
  • Afternoon snack: should include portions of at least two of the following: fluid milk, meat or meat alternatives, grains, fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid choking foods such as uncut grapes, raisins, popcorn, raw carrots, uncut tomatoes
Are nuts allowed?

No, we are a nut free facility. Snacks and lunch should not contain any nut allergens. 

Bilingual Academy

Full-time Spanish Immersion Program. Available for children ages sixteen months to five years old.

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3846 King St., Alexandria, VA 22302


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